Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Vietnam Dominates Junior Event

Vietnam, it seems, is absolutely determined to be the supreme chess nation in South East Asia. They have just concluded the 7th ASEAN Age Group Championships, held in Indonesia, with 70 gold medals, 29 silvers and 30 bronzes.

Team RP bagged 18 medals overall that included 7 golds. Third place overall on medal count was the host Indonesia who finished the event with 10 golds, 31 silvers and 12 bronzes.

Pinoy journo Ignacio Dee informes The Closet GM that the Filipino boy to keep an eye on is 9 year old Jan Emmanuel Garcia. Apparently, this kid will be the next Wesley So.

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Malejewicz said...

I have always said that Asian chess players are much under appreciated. The best players in this land are Asian- Zhong Zhao, George Xie, Trevor Tao and Asian Juniors like Sam Chow, Moulthyn Li, Jason Hu the list is endless.
Why can't we attract the best players in Asia to play here?
As it the dysfunctionality/ irrelevance of the ACF.
I believe it is time for corporate sponsorship where the players are attracted by financial rewards. Do we need to sack the ACF to do that or just ignore them?
Bring the Asians here to play!