Saturday, April 11, 2015

So, So Bad To Lose on Forfeit

After many weeks not paying much attention to any sort of chess-related news (I even missed Doeberl!), this morning I logged on to only to be shocked by the first thing I read. ICYMI, Wesley So lost a game on forfeit in the ongoing US Championships! Even more shocking to me was the reason.

After having been warned on two prior occasions to desist, So was forfeited for taking notes! Incredible stuff, especially at this level, and particularly for a top-tenner whom many believe will one day vie for the world crown.

To be clear, the notes were self-motivational reminders, but FIDE's rules allow no doubt - these notes are a no-no.

Despite what his diehard fans might say, Wesley So is absolutely at fault. He broke the rules. The two prior warnings make his situation even less defensible. And, no, claiming he didn't know the rules won't cut it either.

GM Jan Gustafsson had it right:

As if all that wasn't bad enough, there are what seem to be some unsavoury details pertaining to Wesley's family. It's not looking good.