Thursday, June 08, 2006

NSW Open 2006

While we have the world's eyes on this blog, we might as well give a freebie promotion to the New South Wales Chess Association's Category 5 tournament due to be held this weekend.

Full details are available here.

As you can see, the venue is in Bondi. That's right, exactly where the world famous Bondi Beach is located. With this horrible "London weather" we're having in Sydney at the moment, you have another reason to stay indoors for the whole long weekend. The weather bureau says it will rain throughout.


Anonymous said...

Just as long as no drunken englishman turn up I will be happy.

Anonymous said...

Contrast the planning of this Open with what is happening with the "mexican" one re the controversy over the non choosing of a better? venue. I've got a little question here: Should any Australian weekender which is going to be FIDE rated be made to register as a Class 5 replete with appropriate prize money?