Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aussie Uni Rapid Event

I should really get paid for this. With this sudden spike in traffic, I sometimes wonder, why did I have to start a blog on chess? I mean, why couldn't it have been a blog about, I don't know, abalone or something? I hear those things cost a bloody fortune.

Righto, here's a freebie promo for the Australian universities Rapid Play Championships.

# Dates: Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 July 2006 (note the change of dates; no play on Friday 13 July)
# Venue: Level 4, Wentworth Building, Sydney University (corner of City Rd and Butlin Av, Darlington, NSW)
# Tournament Format: Open Swiss
# Time Limit: 20 minutes per side + 10 seconds per move from move 1
# Format: Universities may send as many players as they like. (Bona fide under graduate and post graduate students). The player finishing first will be the Australian Universities Rapid Champion and receive a trophy. There will be trophies for second and third place as well. Any university is eligible for the Team prize. However the best 3 scores will be added together to determine the Australian Universities Rapid Team Champion. There will be trophies for the teams finishing first, second and third.
# Social Evening: A social get-together will be held after the first day. The emphasis is on the social side as well as the chess for this competition! There will be pizza, beer and soft-drinks and will start immediately after the last round on the 13th. There is no cost involved and all entry fees after the trophies and incidental costs will be added to sponsorship and put towards the social evening.
# Entry fee: $10 per person, payable on the day.
# Director of Play: International Arbiter Dr Charles Zworestine.

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