Sunday, June 04, 2006

Australian Final Results

The Olympiad is over for the Aussies and they went out with a bang.

What a satisfying win it must have been for GM Rogers. Tonight he defeated Peru's numero uno Julio Granda. It was only the Peruvian's third such loss in this event. All other boards were resounding victories for Australia thus wiping out Peru 4-0. Zhao completely dominated his opponent but Wohl's game was gorgeous. The Australian big man again demonstrated his endgame skill and finished off nicely. Smerdon took a little longer than his colleagues but also won beating IM Emilio Cordova.

Just like their male counterparts, the Aussie women ended their Turin stint on a high by defeating the lowly Irish 2.5-0.5. Moylan handled the board 1 duties and only drew. Caoili benefited from an imprecise piece sac by her opponent and eventually won. Ngan, on the other hand, caused some temporary worries when the official site's game viewer indicated her as having lost. In fact, she won (as confirmed by Arianne herself when I chatted to her on MSN).


Anonymous said...

Excellent result for the Australian men to come equal 20th (or 29th as TCG describes it). Despite some horrible matches in the olympiad (due not only to bad form but also illness preventing our board one from playing), by the end of the event four of them had performed well above their rating. And what a great Olympiad Wohl has had... !!
The women a bit disappointing. Rust I guess.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Yes, it is =20th. I took 29th as the absolute position in the final ladder.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Dresden will be an 11 round swiss with both open and womens teams allowed 4 players and a reserve. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

I hope not,it will make it even harder for players to get GM norms.