Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ray Keene Blog

Raymond Keene has a blog! As might be expected, he's also posted about the whole punching incident. He's even more colourful using the term, "chess hooligans". Pity that Mr Keene his co-blogger James O'Fee can't bother to check the correct spelling of Arianne's surname.

Impala Publishers Blog

See in particular Keene's take on the FIDE Elections results.


Anonymous said...

Keene seems to think that the chess world should embrace more russian mafia oil and gas money,not less.

Why the hell would we want more thugs involved in chess?

Doesnt he realise that people like Kirasn can be bumped off by business rivals?,business rivals who have NO interest in chess.

Then again maybe Keene's crooked ways are more in sync with the likes of Kirsan.

We should be moving towards legitimate business sponsorship,not grovelling after more funny money.

The future of professional chess is looking dark.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

To be fair to Keene, in he actually said:

"re the fide presidential election-i personally wd have preferred bessel kok to win . however i can see that kirsan may have the tide of history on his side now. i have tried to make sense of the kirsan phenomenon on the blogsite where i have written an extensive piece about kok, kirsan and pipeline politics.i wd welcome views on what i have written."


Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous blogger:

What is illegal about russian oil and gas money that upsets you?

What is about Kok's corporate sponsors that is necessarily more virtuous or cleaner?

Have you any proof that the money being used to sponsor chess by Kirsan is illegal?

I go with Ray Keene - he has written an objective assessment of Kirsan. No need to demonize the man just because he is wealthy.

Anonymous said...

A viewpoint from Ray Keene: