Thursday, June 15, 2006

7th ASEAN Age Group

A young Filipino player is in the joint lead of the 7th ASEAN Age Group tournament currently being contested in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that 24th seeded Joel Pimentel defeated 5th seed Christer Jon Aplin of Singapore to remain undefeated on 4/4 points.

More from INQ7.

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Anonymous said...

Am really happy that Joel is doing very well, considering that like most members of the RP delegation, it's his very first time to play abroad.

I'd like to think that Joel is a product of the concerted effort among the local government of Bacolod (a city in Western Visayas), the private sector (particularly the JRR Dizon Foundation which supports the Bacolod Chess Training Center under Jessie Sanchez, whom I met in the recent National Age-Group championship), and concerned individuals.

I hope that many other communities will take after Bacolod and bring to the fore more Joel Pimentels in the future.