Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Heartfelt Piece

Reading this article just about breaks my heart. Robert Huntington:

Bessel Kok’s campaign was probably the last hope of reforming FIDE from within. Four more years of Ilyumzhinov and the situation may be past all hope of repair. A structure needs to be created such that commercial sponsors are convinced that they are supporting an ancient and noble challenge and expression of the human spirit and not a mad dictator who talks to aliens and whose aides murder journalists. I know FIDE’s motto “We are one family” (gens una sumus) but some families are so dysfunctional that the only healthy thing to do is move out.

I know that, if undertaken, it will be a long and difficult task with uncertain prospects. And I have no real concrete proposals. But there are those with far better connections, knowledge of the details, and organizational skills than I. Let’s hope that they step forward now.

We can only hope.

Our readers might also like to read this post by my fellow blogger Michael Goeller of The Kenilworthian. I know, I know, Chessbase has a link to the New Yorker article but Michael was the first to mention it.

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