Saturday, June 17, 2006

Argentina 6 - 0 Serbia & Montenegro

This morning, the world was treated to one of the finest displays of power football ever seen at the World Cup. Argentina splattered the Serbia & Montenegro team 6 - 0.

And how about that Saviola-Crespo-Cambiasso combo? Saviola feeds to Crespo, who backheels to Cambiasso, who fires, and bang: GOAL!

Our sympathies to Goran.


Anonymous said...

Argentina is better but noone could expect this trashing. I'm still in shock

Malejewicz said...

Serbia Mentenegro lost a key defender during training, it really was bad luck. After three goals the morale almost visbly left the team. Argentina can be stopped by a methodical disciplined, psychologically strong and tough team- Germany as well as Holland, Sweden and Italy who were a little unlucky. Argentina are very beatable!
Argentina will be knocked out quicker than what people think...mark my words!Put Brazil in this basket as well.
Uber Deutschland!!!!

yasser said...

i think it has to do more with poor coaching and the fact that the serbian players just collapsed pshychologically after the first few goals reminds me of spain - bulgaria (sigh) - 6:1