Monday, June 12, 2006

Correction to Bernardino's Statement

We like to be correct, honest and fair. To that end, we do, from time to time, rely on our loyal readers to keep us on the straight line. Dear readers, if you spot something wrong, feel free to email TCG. That's exactly what one tipster did.

In this report by Marlon Bernardino, he says, "A group of young Pinoy chess gladiators, accompanied by NCFP Chairman for Countyside Development Dr. Jenny T. Mayor and head coach NM Almario Marlon Bernardino, Jr. and some of their parents will invade the Indonesian capital..."

At the urging of an anonymous tip, we double checked with Marlon and he now offers a correction. Despite his request to keep this "off the record", TCG feels that his on the record blunder ought to be counterbalanced with an equally on the record correction.

Neither Dr Jenny Mayor nor Marlon Bernardino are going to Jakarta. The reason? "Budget contraint", says Marlon.

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