Sunday, June 25, 2006


GM Rogers, in his column for the Sun Herald today, talks about a chess in schools initiative in Castelemaine, Victoria. The grandmaster also mentions an Australian Council for Educational Research article with a subtitle, "Chess Generates Genius".

We have not been able to find that article online (it's possibly not available). But in our efforts, we discovered that the Castlemaine initiative actually has an accompanying blog called Chess-Squared. Their aim is to "supplement lessons plans being developed that explore mathematical concepts gained by learning and playing regular chess."

Chess-Squared has already even come to the attention of one Susan Polgar! We welcome Chess-Squared to the blogosphere and wish the program all the best.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the entry. Send me your address and i'll send you a copy of the ACER article. Also, was our program mentioned in the SYDNEY sun/herald??

Anonymous said...
A short online version of the article is available at the address above.

Malejewicz said...

I have never taken chess seriously as a competition sport,However,I do VERY much take the strategies I have learned in playing chess to be a successful businessman.(Not bad considering the 'Stalinists' stole both my grandparents farms and I grew up in a very poor family) Such things as when bidding for a contract:-
"A threat is more powerful than its execution"
Thank You Chess!