Friday, June 02, 2006

FM Weng - A Tassie Connection

[More about the RP - Malaysia round 10 match-up. But no, we're not talking about Pinoys this time. In Australia's liveliest chess bulletin board, Chess Chat, ACF official Dr Kevin Bonham reminds one and all that FM Lim Yee Weng had actually spent time in the state of Tasmania - that apple shaped island south of the Australian mainland. I had not realised this! I immediately asked Dr Bonham if he could say a few words about FM Weng's exploits in Tassie. Kevo, as he is fondly known, kindly agreed. Below was his message to me. Instead of block quoting the doctor's words, we grant him guest blogger status so that we can read his words better.

I notice that we had an explosion of traffic from Malaysia right after our Round 10 report. So guys, this one's for you. - TCG]

Lim Yee Weng studied the final phase of his law degree at the University of Tasmania, arriving in the state in June 2003 and leaving in late 2004. He told me he was able to do so because Malaysia was also part of the Commonwealth and so similar general legal principles could be usefully studied in Australia.

When he first arrived it was soon obvious he was a strong player but he dropped no hints he was almost an FM. Only after he won an informal blitz tournament (in which I checkmated him after my flag fell in round 1 but he won all his remaining games) did we discover he was already FIDE 2267.

During his time in Tasmania he entered four weekenders. He won the 2003 Launceston and Hobart weekenders outright conceding draws only in the final round of each. In the 2004 Tasmanian Championships he scored 6/6 to easily win the event and the prizemoney but was ineligible for the title which went to Charles Chadwick who finished second on 4.5. In the 2004 Tasmanian Open he tied for first with FM Lee Jones - both scored 5/6, drawing with each other and both drawing from bad positions against Peter Billam. He also scored 100% in the tournament for the 2004 Hobart International lightning championship, but as a non-member was ineligible for that title.

Yee Weng was considering staying in Australia longer but felt that job opportunities were better back home and in early 2005 he told us he had decided to return to Malaysia for good. He was well liked in the Tassie chess community and many here will be pleased to hear of his recent success.

- Dr Kevin Bonham

Dr Bonham presently serves as secretary of the Tasmanian Chess Association. He is also the senior selections coordinator of the Australian Chess Federation.

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