Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pinoy Chessers in San Marino

We have another update of Filipino performances at the 2nd San Marino event courtesy of Marlon Bernardino.

Pinoy GM Eugene Torre defeated GM Dmitry Svetushkin of Moldova using the white pieces to create a seven-way tie in fourth spot after the eight and penultimate round of the 2nd San Marino International Chess Open Saturday at the Kursaal Congress Centre in Republic of San Marino.

With the crucial win, the 54-year-old Torre has now 6.0 points, the same output of last round opponent top seed GM Sergei Tiviakov of the Netherlands, GM Vladimir Epishin, GM Baadur Jobava and GM Levan Pantsulaia of Georgia, GM Jaan Ehlvest of Estonia and GM Nenad Sulava of Croatia.

RP's top ranked player GM Mark Paragua (2617), defeated IM Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi of India to lead the huge group of 5.5 pointers along with last round assignment IM Bartlomiej Heberla.

Sensation FIDE Master Wesley So, 12 years old, put himself in good position to grab his 2nd IM norm by drawing with GM Pawel Jaracz and notching 5.0 points in eight games. So will face Italian top player GM Michele Godena in the final round.

NM Rolando Nolte halved the point with GM Stefan Djuric of Yugoslavia to join compatriots newly-minted IM Oliver Dimakiling and reigning national champion NM Darwin Laylo got stuck at 4.5 points.

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Anonymous said...

Wesley So draws with Godena! Earns 2nd IM norm! Should have been third had he played more games last olympiad. His performance here will also give him additional 47 rating points (ave. opp. rating=2442; w=5.5; n=9; k=15). This plus the additional rating points he gained from Dubai Open and Turin Olympiad will propel his rating to 2350+!