Friday, June 09, 2006

Pinoys in Italy

Righto, back to normalcy and direct our attention to truly exciting, more interesting, juicy news. Honest!

Last night, the National Chess Federation of the Philippines' press officer Marlon Bernardino emailed in a press release regarding Pinoy performances in Italy. It seems that some Pinoy chessers moved on to other events immediately after the Olympiad. Well, publishing press releases verbatim isn't really our thing, so we'll just quote the more interesting parts.

REIGNING PHILIPPINE OPEN CHAMPION No. 58 NM Darwin Laylo (ELO 2406) settled for a truce with No. 21 and 16-year-old GM Yuriy Kuzubov (ELO 2554) of Ukraine using the white pieces to fortify his GM title norm bid in the fourth round of the 2nd San Marino International Chess Open Wednesday at the Kursaal Congress Centre in Republic of San Marino.

Laylo, whose stint here is supported by Lipa City (Batangas) Mayor Vilma Santos has now 3.0 points on account of 2 wins, 2 draws after four games of play.

National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) spokesman and six-time RP executive champion Dr. Jenny T. Mayor said. "The performance of our lowly-rated players clearly shows the deep bench of Fili-pino talents back home."


After leading the in the second round, the 54-year-old Eugene Torre, RP’s long-time vanguard, bowed to No. 49 IM Mikulas Manik (ELO 2450) of Slovakia in the third but bounced back in contention by demolishing No. 67 Leonardo Valdez of Italy in the fourth.

While the 22 year old Paragua, the country’s highest rated player, after suffering his first setbacks at the hands of IM Manik in the second, clustered back to back wins against No. 84 Alban Delorme and No.58 Giulio Borgo of Italy, respectively.


After a fine start in the first two rounds by settling a draws against Ukrainian GM Kuzubov and No. 39 Dutch GM Karel Van Der Weide (ELO 2482), 12-year old FM Wesley So, who hails from Bacoor, Cavite bowed to No.51 German Fide Master Erik Zude (ELO 2426) in the third but beat No. 126 Silvan Omeri of Italy in the fourth.

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These are better news for a much needed change with all the hypebole on the Ariane-Aronian-Gormally incident. But thanks for the nice pics :)