Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fight! Fight!

The official Australian team email has this little request: "Please do not reproduce or republish this material until after the Olympiad concludes."

Fine, we'll respect this. But when the Aussie team tells us some rather juicy stuff, we cannot resist just a little hint.

Last night, the Olympiad took a little break and we hear that some players partied til dawn at some joint called "Hiroshima mon Amour". With a name like that, the liquor will surely flow, the hormones get going and anything can happen. And what do you know? The Aussie team email informs us that two top and well-known players from European nations had a little disagreement. One player hit the other player (a world top 10'ner no less) over the face. Apparently they were arguing over an Australian player.

My only question is: was it over a male or female Aussie player?


Anonymous said...

Was the top ten player male or female?

The Closet Grandmaster said...


Anonymous said...

I heard Aronian was one

Anonymous said...

I heard Aronian was the top 10 player.

Anonymous said...

who was the british gm?

Anonymous said...

Danny was smitten by that ozzy bird and in a rage punched Lev Aronian without any reason,

It seems Miss caoili or whatever her name is got the hormnes going!