Saturday, June 17, 2006

More Gormallygate...Sort Of

Former Pinoy Olympiad skipper Bobby Ang could not deny it. He says, "Well, I was Arianne’s team captain during the 2000 Istanbul Olympiad and noticed the impact she makes by simply walking into a room. On or off the board she is a knockout!"

One of the guys at the park, he must be over 50 years old, cannot stop talking about Arianne. "Oh if only I were 30 years younger", he says.

We also understand that Turin was not the first where two boys have fought over Arianne. There is some chatter about a similar incident during a Doeberl Cup. Men and boys really cannot help themselves.

So, it is with a "sympathetic voice" to Danny Gormally that Alex Wade puts in his two cents worth to the now infamous "Gormallygate".

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