Friday, June 30, 2006

Pretty Chessers

The UK's Herald maybe a tad behind but at least they can give their readers this little gem. A quote by Keti Arakhamia-Grant of Scotland:

I think the origins of what Arianne is doing are because there's not enough sponsorship and interest in women's chess, so each individual may be trying to attract attention in other ways. I think Arianne is the one who has won from the situation in Turin. She got her photos printed, which she would never have got if she was just playing chess because I don't think she's a strong player. It's nice there are beautiful women, but we're here to play chess. I'm too passionate about the game itself and I think that element distracts from it.

We should inform readers that Danny Gormally took it upon himself to be jealous and punch his dance-floor rival, Levon Aronian. There is no evidence whatsoever that he was told to do so by the alleged self-promoter Arianne Caoili.

In any case if the young Aussie has come out with a singing contract, what's the problem? She's a budding singer, so why not use the situation? We say, good luck to her singing career if she turns out to be better in it than chess.

Arianne, however, may not be about to abandon chess completely. She was spotted last night spending a good couple of hours on the Internet Chess Club playing a few games of blitz.

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Anonymous said...

lol. Nice of you to put it that way but I don't think Caoili is an 'alleged' self promoter. She is an active self promoter. You only have to visit her website. It's just a fact... some will judge her for it but the cult of personality dominates our culture.

I sometimes wish she'd concentrate more on her chess as it's definitely gone downhill and she was a really strong junior. But it's her business in the end. Singing might make her happiest- probably more self directed.
Not a bad article, interesting to hear of the experiences of girls in chess...