Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ACF Boss: Times Inaccurate

Australian Chess Federation head, Denis Jessop has now responded to The Times article in which he was quoted. Mr Jessop made the following remark in an Australian chess forum:

[I]n the tradition of some journalism, the quote is not quite accurate. I said that I was aware of an incident having happened but knew insufficient details to make a statement. I said that the team captain had not reported it but if he did the ACF would look into it.

I have no intention of launching my own inquiry (ie an ACF inquiry) unless the ACF receives an adverse report.

It seems from the BCM article in particular that GM Gormally was the main actor

So far, Arianne Caoili has not responded to numerous requests for comment from The Times. It may be that she has no access to the internet. The Scachierrando blog informs us that both she and Australian IM Alex Wohl are participating in some tournament in the nothern Italian town of Lodi.


Anonymous said...

Italy isnt that backward,I'm sure the town has an internet connection. I'd say Arianne is trying to keep a low profile,she probably didnt think this incident would get so much attention.

She didnt count on the british press.

Anonymous said...

Well, from her website I get the impression that Arianne is definitely not a fan of the spotlight so she must be finding the attention from the pesky British press very hard to deal with. Let's hope Italy proves to be the sort of paparazzi-free haven she needs to give her the courage to face the world... ha ha