Sunday, June 11, 2006

Danny Gormally: "I Fell in Love"

Fearing that Arianne Caoili may be depicted as a "temptress of the chequered board", England's Danny Gormally has now come out of hiding.

From Melbourne's The Age newspaper:

Well, I went up to him [Lev Aronian] and I punched him. Which is very embarrassing to me," Mr Gormally said.

"Basically, I hit him because I was jealous. Obviously, I've got problems with alcohol and anger, which I need to deal with.

"I was jealous because he was dancing with her — maybe I was also a bit jealous because he's the world No. 3 and I'm the world number two hundred and something.

Read: "I fell in love, says chess brawl man"

Also from The Age is an article about how "Gormallygate" can turn out to be a PR bonus for Australian chess (or chess in general). There is even a quote from Chess Victoria's Gary Wastell.

The federation isn't going to modify its activities in any way because of her particular personal attributes, but if they happen to provide a bit of an interest at a superficial level, well that's a little bonus.

Update from Lodi: After 8 rounds, WIM Caoili is on 4.5 points. She drew with IM Izsak Gyula in the 8th and defeated FM Tarik Rrhioua in the 7th. IM Alex Wohl is presently on 5 points.


Anonymous said...

A case of punch drunk love? hehe

Anonymous said...

"The federation isn't going to modify its activities in any way..."

Stop right there!

That alone sums up the status quo stubbornly maintained by the moribund and stagnant Australian Chess Federation and underpinned especially by its more exemplary practitioners therein.

Anonymous said...

hear she beat a GM in Turin? From what country?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please translate this esp. the word "tutelle" in the queen's lang:

Un bagno di folla! La simultanea si è svolta regolarmente in Piazza della Vittoria a Lodi questa sera. Oltre 100 le richieste degli sfidanti.Non tutti hanno potuto giocare.L' estrazione a sorte ha selezionato i fortunati. Stimati oltre 3.000 spettatori nell' arco dell' intera serata. Karpov sconfigge tutti tranne una patta, così pure il veloce ed abile Denis Rombaldoni. Marina Brunello perde una sola partita ed una patta tutte le altre vinte. Roberta Brunello una sconfitta 3 patte le altre vinte. La bella Arianne Caoili una patta e tuttele altre vinte. Entusiasmante Henrique Mecking tutte vinte con anche alcune partite rigiocate. Molto spettacolare il brasiliano che è stato per oltre un' ora intervistato dai numerosi giornalisti presenti alla Simultanea. Molte le autorità presenti: l' Assessore allo Sport del Comune di Lodi Marco Zaninelli,il Sindaco di Lodi, il Prefetto di Lodi,Il Presidente della Provincia di Lodi, ed altre Autorità. Un bagno di folla, un grande successo.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah...the power of love. It has transcended to chess, I guess

Anonymous said...

to be admired, already embarassed Gormally fronts up only to protect Arianne's image. He really is a knight in shining armour! Good man Danny, now why doesn't everyone leave the poor guy alone, what more can he do? Who in love hasn't done strange things? Specially if you had a few too many!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe it's "tutte le altre vinte", basically she drew one and won the rest.