Thursday, June 08, 2006

Arianne Caoili's Statement

Arianne has now made an official statement. The first blogger to point this out is Stefano Bellincampi. Out of courtesy to him, I direct you to his post here.

The statement was apparently obtained by the organisers of the Lodi tournament in which WIM Arianne Caoili is playing.

This morning, Sydney's SMH features the story on the front page. Yesterday, they had this sentence on their website: "She [Arianne's mom] said Aronian was a 'lovely gentleman' and he and her daughter were an 'item' at the moment.

Today, in the print version it became: "Her mother, Annette, referred to her daughter and Aronian as a "hot item", and said the Armenian star was "a very nice gentleman".

Readers can easily take this to mean that our WIM and the world number 3 are dating. Last night we spoke to Annette directly. All that Annette actually meant was that it was natural for the media to make an item out of a "pretty girl" being seen with the world's best players.

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Medicine and alcohol? hmmm