Friday, June 09, 2006

Like Whatever!

Arianne Caoili may have "remained silent" to the AAP but she did have plenty to say to

Aronian is going to be world champion, everybody loves him. I am some sort of beauty, OK, whatever ... so people are interested...

He and I are very good friends, very.

On a chessic note, Arianne has scored 3 points after 6 games at the Lodi tournament.

We also learn from the Lodi organisers this interesting news (in Italian):

Giornata intensa a Lodi con la stampa alla ricerca della bella giocatrice australiana. Arrivati a Lodi gli inviati dell' Australian ( il piu' grande quotidiano australiano) e del Sidney Telegrof. Numerose le richieste della stampa italiana per le interviste alla Caoili. Probabilmente la giocatrice si concederĂ  ai media Sabato sera 10 Giugno durante la Simultanea 100 scacchiere di cui sarĂ  certamente protagonista.


Anonymous said...

ehr... don't know if you need it, but I'll be translating the italian news (being this one italian, chess player, and fascinated by Master Caoili :) If you didn't want a translation, ignore me. Doesn't say much anyway.

"Intense day in Lodi with the media looking for the beautiful australian player. Envoys from Australian (biggest australian newspaper) and from Sidney Telegrof. Numerous are the requests of italian media for interviews to Caoili. It is likely that the player will show herself to the media on the evening of June 10th, during the 100games simultaneous play in which she will probably be a protagonist."

Hope it helps. And pardon my english :p

The Closet Grandmaster said...


Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is how the various news agencies can get away with stealing her pictures from her personal website? Anything posted on the web is copyright, even if not explicitly stated. I guess they figured she didn't have the resources to sue, but if she achieves her ambition to "earn giant gobs of money" she'll certainly be in a position to do so.

To their credit, my local paper (the Dominion Post in Wellington, NZ) used an old stock picture of her, and refrained from the "Anna Kournikova" nonsense.

The latest article from the London Times (,,2-2219345,00.html) is pathetic, I have lost all respect for that paper now (and for Raymond Keene).

They claim to have "broken" the story when we all know it was broken on this blog right here, then they claim to have done an interview with her but instead just quote from her website. Finally they repeat the claim that she is romantically involved with Aronian, based on a misinterpretation of her mother's words.

I guess The Times is just another Murdoch-owned tabloid these days.