Friday, June 02, 2006

Jubilant Pinoy Chess Media

As might be expected, the RP media are awash with coverage of the Turin, Olympiad. Local journos are especially pleased with both the men's and women's overwhelming victories in round 10.

Rey Bancod, writing for the Manila Bulletin called it the "Twin Kill". Nice.

Local fed boss Prospero Pichay probably has a lot to do with the teams' successes. And during the rest day, he and the team went on a tour of Milano. Let's hope that our Pinoy players are sufficiently relaxed and ready to tough it out against strong opposition tonight.

Here is Pichay quoted by the Manila Times:

The fighting spirit of our boys and girls is simply remarkable. They really want to surpass their performance in Mallorca... Let’s continue to pray for them. Their remaining opponents are sure to be heavyweights.

Meanwhile in RP, the nation's future stars are battling it out in the National Juniors Chess tournament. We can't provide any more details because the only paper covering this is Tempo and their content just doesn't come up in my newsfeed. Maybe some Pinoy readers can fill in the blanks here. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Torre draws with Tiviakov!
He must be on viagra. haha

Congratulations to the Phillipines womens team!

What is there best finish Amiel?

Anonymous said...

Kinsa ka man bay?

Anonymous said...

Kibsa ka man bay?