Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It had to happen

Finally, someone did it! The link below even has scanned images of the Times articles.

We checked whois and the domain name is registered to Irish player FIDE Master Colm Daly.


Greenie said...

You probably have the most coverage on this Gormally incident, with links and all

"TCG, one GM to start it all.."

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I think this blog was the first to release this info out into the wider blogosphere (punching incident). But it all began with the Australian team email from Turin. I've quoted it in the "olympiad - Last Words" post.

Thanks for being a reader.


Anonymous said...

"Only Arianne can tell you what happened",that's a big claim!

I'm sure Aronian would be able to tell people exactly what happened.

Gormally was probably too drunk to remember everything. haha.

Anonymous said...

i know what hadn't happened? the detumescing of this journalistic vacuum enhanced desperately hard on er up for decent news ... hehe!

daly said...

I think what was badly needed was a sense of proportion in all this.

I personally feel bad for Danny as he is a very decent guy who clearly went off the rails and had some problems to deal with. On account of that we should all be a bit more forgiving and understanding.

He has said he is sorry and Lev appears to have accepted that. It was a most unfortunate affair but really no big deal actually. Well ok very bad form to say the least but so long as there is an apology and nobdy was really hurt then why talk of talking it any further?

Except perhaps now for those involved and of course assuming nobody has been seriously hurt. We can now stand back and laugh it all off. Though it seems to me that both Danny and Arrianne should perhaps be considering milking this for all it might be worth by "seeing their stories" to one of those british tabloid papers.

It has all the ingredients of a very amusing and entertaing little drama if viewed in the right light hearted way.

I personally thought the Times article was one of the funniest things Ive read in a news paper for quite a while [riddled with errors as it is], hence my own desire to do my own wind up job and shine a little light on the total hilarity of it all.

daly said...

"Only Arianne can tell you what happened",that's a big claim!"

As for that comment ? Well it seems Danny was too "tired and emotional"
and Lev hardly saw it coming otherwise he would not have ended up n the floor. So logica would suggest that the person best placed to inform us all would be the lady herself.

I reckon that for a about 50K she should be willing to do a "tell all" interview and launch her album all in one go? After all you couldnt buy this sort of publicity so make hay while the sun shines?

Oh my previous post had a few typos
"talking it any further?"
should have been

taking it any further! While "seeing their stories" should of course have been selling their stories.

Glad I cleared that up.

Anonymous said...

Daly,the fact that this story even got an article in a mainstream newspaper shows that there never was a "sense of proportion".

An article on Kirsan and his activities including his re-election as FIDE president would have been far more worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

The Herald Sun have now got in on the act- ‘Fists fly in brawl over chess beauty’.