Monday, June 12, 2006

Australia 3 - 1 Japan

We are a chess blog, but tonight we take a moment to celebrate Australian history. For the first time ever, Australia won a game in the World Cup finals. Australia defeated Japan 3 - 1. Actually, that should have been 3-0 but the Egyptian referee was incompetent and allowed a dubious Japanese goal. Next stop, Brazil!


Anonymous said...

bravo! more exciting than the CAOILI drama...had enough of that.

Malejewicz said...

My wife and children are Japanese citizens and having lived in Japan on and off for seven years I had atear in my eye when the Japanese anthem was played. I had seen Japan play in Asia year in year out but Australia has just comprehensively beaten the Asian Champions! We have definately made a mark on the world stage.
I am so happy!