Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Times of London on Gormally

Last night, yours truly received an interesting email from London. It talked about The Times of London wanting to do a story on THAT punch and asked me if I could stay up a little longer while arrangements for contacts and interviews are made. After a series of emails and a chat on MSN, the night ended, I thought, unsuccessfully as we couldn't get a hold of the main players.

I was wrong. Ray Keene and Rajeev Syal, Times reporters, still managed to file a story that even includes a quote from ACF head, Denis Jessop.

The story: How Dare You Take My Queen?


Anonymous said...

Fascinating... the best article yet on the subject. Wish someone had had a video camera, lol. Don't know where they got the idea that Arianne is a grandmaster though. The writers would know she isn't. Must have been edited in?

Anonymous said...

Arianne isnt even a WIM and yet the Times have elevated her to a grandmaster. Poor research,but otherwise not to bad an article.

Cant see why Jessop feels there should be an "inquiry" though,Arianne didnt do anything wrong!

Think before you speak Denis.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

She's a WIM.

Arianne actually holds one IM norm and 2 WGM norms.

Anonymous said...

Better get the ACF site to do an update,they list her as a WFM.

Anonymous said...

"Anna Kournikova of the chess world"... how original. I thought that was Kosteniuk?

Anyway what's a 30 year old man doing getting into a fight over a 19 year old girl? Oh wait, he still lives with his parents.

The BCF should require him to issue a public statement to the effect that "I am a tosser".

Anonymous said...

Could be a catfight between Arianne and Kosteniuk, Greg.
I could just imagine Kostenuik shouting "How dare you call yourself the Kournikova of chess,thats my title!" haha