Saturday, June 24, 2006

Capa's Problem Solved

Take a look at the following position. It is a problem composed by the great Josel Raul Capablanca. What is so special about this position is that, for almost 100 years, it was said to have no solution. That is, until a man and his cat came along.

White to play and win (by JR Capablanca)

It is such a difficult problem that even Capablanca's own suggested solution was actually proved to be a mistake! Can you find the solution?

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John T. Vian said...

Here is what I came up with. 1. Kc4 Ka5 2. Kxc5 Ka6 3. Kxc6 Ka7 4. Nd5 Rh2 5.Nc3 (The major threat is 6. Nb5+ Ka8 7. Nd7+ Ka7 Rb7# The only continuation I see for black is...) 5...Rc2 6. Rb3 Where it goes from there? Well, I haven't figured that one out yet....