Wednesday, June 07, 2006


And it just keeps on rolling on. Now we even have a name for it: "Gormallygate". Stephen Moss, of The Guardian has an interesting take:

Let's accentuate the positive. The public has at last been given an insight into the true nature of chess: an essentially Darwinian struggle for power and sexual supremacy. Grandmasters - young and frequently in search of a girlfriend but without the money to buy a woman dinner or the ability to make any small talk beyond the latest innovation in the Ruy Lopez (Steinitz Defence Deferred) - love to use sexual terminology to describe their games. They talk about "rogering" their opponents ... and worse. The notion of bondage - tying up your opponent with a view to eventually killing the king - is central to chess. For young men, chess is sex by other means. If the public grasp this, the game will surely have a bright future.

From: "Comment is Free" blog.

Also, from the UK press is an item by the Telegraph. But c'mon! "Violent feud"? The Philippines media, too, has already picked up on the story. I could provide links, but they look to be just based on other net sources so nothing interesting there.

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