Monday, October 16, 2006

Unofficial Aussie Newsletter

The official Australian Chess Federation newsletter is now defunct. We are saddened by this because it was certainly one of the more competent efforts by the ACF. The good news is that there are plans by the national body to revive the newsletter.

Meanwhile, Matthew Sweeney, chess organiser, has taken it upon himself to fill this empty hole in Australian chess communications. Issue number 1 of the "Australian Chess Club Newsletter" has just been released. It is a very basic document in RTF format. Any contributors, or if you want to receive a copy, can email

However, we are upset at something. Matthew Sweeney refers to TCG as a "bogger". This is not acceptable!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr Sweeney should spell check the newsletter before sending it out to the chess public.

Here is a snipping from newsletter number 1.

Topalov Defeats Kramnic

YES, Topalov did beat Kramnic … in some games of the unification World chess Championship – but not enough to win the title. Kramnic is now the undisputed World Champion. Amid the crazy cheating allegations and dummy spit forfeits, there was some great fighting chess. To take a gander at the ruckus both on and off the board try

Anonymous said...

Seeing as this site receives so much attention both locally as wel as internationally it would make sense for the newsletter to be distributed from here via a link if required.

Anonymous said...

it would seem ironic if the acf permits a person whom they have banned to come in and attempt to fill the vacuum caused by their wEbsite crash. :)

Anonymous said...

Their website didnt crash...they just relied on having one person as a webmaster.

Which was unrealistic even when relying on volunteers.

No backup plan for when Paul would leave was shortsighted to say the least.