Monday, October 16, 2006

Economists Prove Soviet Cheating

Accusations that the former Soviet players cheated are not new. But now, after all this time, two American scholars are claiming that they have evidence to prove this cheating. Charles Moul and John Nye, both economists at the Washington University in the US, are about to publish a study which claims of mathematical proof of collusion.

From the St Louis Today.

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Anonymous said...

Not all that convincing an argument in my view (not that many people need much convincing that collusion occurred). For instance, a tendency towards draws and shorter draws could, in isolation, be explained simply by the players being less aggressively inclined towards their countrymen than others. It could also be explained by tacit agreement rather than spoken collusion, and there are other possibilities too. To prove collusion using statistics of this kind is a long bow to draw as all alternative reasonable explanations need to be eliminated as well.