Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gomez Defeats IM Corrales

John-Paul Gomez, of the Philippines, defeated IM Fidel Corrales (Cuba) last night in the eight round of the World Juniors Championships in Armenia. Playing the white side of a Sicilian, the Filipino created a passed pawn on his 25th move and made Corrales' life a tough one thereafter. Gomez now moves up to 4.5 points and will face grandmaster Quang Liem Le (Vietnam) in the ninth round.

After a dark day in the seventh round, when all 3 Aussies lost their games, Tomek Rej and lone girl representative Shannon Oliver again lost their respective eight round encounters. Nick Chernih had a bye.

Tomek fell victim to Indian Rahul Sangma while Shannon lost to Emilie Marchadour of France.

Yuriy Kryvoruchko from the Ukraine continues to lead the field on 6.5 points in the Juniors section, while WGM Salome Melia (Georgia) and WGM Sachdev Tania (India) lead the Girls section with 6.5 points each.

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Anonymous said...

TCG, thanks for the viewer!

- JA

Anonymous said...

John Paul Gomez earns 9-game IM Norm! JP Gomez beats Vietnamese sensation GM Le Quang Liem who spots him by more than 120 rating points! He done this by a terrific game that started with a rook sacrifice (exchange) in his 23rd move. He then put his another Rook for grab in the 39th, for a mating attack. Le declined the dubious offer but cannot sustain the loss of his a and c pawn which paved the way for JP's pawn roll. Nice game by Gomez! He has White on the next round against Turkey's IM Esen Baris, Cge iho litsunin mo yang "turkey" na yan!