Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Unexciting Dance by Arianne

An unexciting but careful performance by Arianne Caoili and partner Carmelo Pizzino who tonight danced the samba. I was expecting a lot more of those hips shake about, but nope, didn't see too many. For their efforts, they scored 27 points.

When asked by the host if there's been some reaction in the chess community to her new found fame, Arianne's answer was a simple, "I don't know actually". Hhhmm...we'll have to fix that. This girl could really do with some coaching in public speaking.

She's through to the next round.

In case you missed it, here is a chessic item in New Idea that features Aussie junior Oscar Wang. Oscar is in Batumi, Georgia proudly flying the Australian flag in the World Youth Championships. After 6 rounds, young Oscar has 1.5 points.


Anonymous said...

Arianne just needs some support from the chess community. Please publish her email address so everyone can send support.
"Arianne - the whole chess community in Australia is rooting for you"!

Anonymous said...

Well if she gets a spot in Home and Away she can give chess the flick.

Barring that I'd say she will get back into chess.

Anonymous said...

Arianne has made significant use of chess motifs in several of her performances, which is good publicity for the game.