Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gomez GM Kill

Poland's GM Heberla Bartlomiej must be scratching his head wondering what these Filipinos are eating. Sir, let me tell you: sweet smelling dried fish! In the second round of Calvia, the Pole played against 13-year old Wesley So and drew. Then in the 4th round, Bartlomiej faced another Pinoy and this time, the Pinoy won. That makes Bartlomiej John-Paul Gomez's second GM victim at this event.

For our Pinoy fans, enjoy:

A game worthy of any 'how to attack' books. It's beautiful to witness the power of those Bishops. A needed win by Gomez who is targetting another title norm (he has one IM norm from the recently compeleted World Juniors).

Other Pinoy results were as follows:

Spraggett - Dimakiling, 1-0
Laylo - Planas, 1-0
So - Fokin, 0-1
Gonzales - Klein, 1-0


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to watch the exciting games of the young Philippine stars!

Looks like they do not need the help of the "old" Philippine GM's?

Anonymous said...

I thought Gomez already have 3 IM norm the other are from the World Jr. before and recently in the Malaysian Open? BTW regardless of his result on his last game against Vallego in Calvia, he already earned the IM norm. He needed a draw against Vallejo to get the GM norm while Dimakiling needs a full point to get his GM norm. Castofclown have a detailed analysis at

Anonymous said...

Gomez loses to Vallejo!!! SAYANG! ARGGHHH!! tsk tsk tsk Dmaxx also loses!!! It could have been his 2md GM norm and come November he might be playing for the GM Title in his own turf. Details scores and computation (courtesy of CASTOfclowns) at

Anonymous said...

Luckily Black is not Kramnik nor plays like Kramnik or else we will see another Boring Berlin!