Friday, October 13, 2006

Gomez Defeats Grandmaster

One of my pet hates is travelling hundred of miles to attend some tournament only to play against a friend, a fellow traveller perhaps, with whom I've played many times back home. I'm always thinking, "I didn't come all this way to play this guy".

Well that's exactly what happened to Sydneysiders Nick Chernih and Tomek Rej who had to face each other in the ninth round of the World Juniors in Armenia. Sadly, of course, only one could be the victor and yesterday Tomek Rej prevailed over his friend.

Shannon Oliver, playing in the Girls section, had a bye.

But Pinoy chess fans are waking up today to some fantastic news. RP's only rep in the Juniors, John-Paul Gomez, defeated grandmaster Quang Liem Le of Vietnam. Outrated by over 130 points, Gomez played beautiful chess. The Filipino's piece activity was the important factor as it netted him some valuable pawns on the Queen-side which later on paved the way for a winning endgame.

This is yet to be confirmed but according to a reader, Gomez has just secured a 9-game IM norm.

John-Paul Gomez's next opponent is the IM from Turkey Baris Esen.

Yuriy Kryvoruchko and Nikita Vitiugov are again the joint leaders on 7 points. Last night Vitiugov beat Arman Pashikian, while Kryvoruchko could only manage a draw against Dmitry Frolyanov of Russia.

WGM Salome Melia (Georgia) is the sole leader of the Girls section on 7 points.


Anonymous said...

There is an error on Chess Patzer. 23 .... RxC4.

Anonymous said...

Nope its right, Gomez sacrificed the Rook! 26 moves later he would sacrifice the other one.

Im the IM-norm poster, if Klaasen, Calvin Jong (unrated) rating is considered at 2100 which is an option for IM norm seeker under the FIDE Handbook then NM Gomez got the norm!

The Closet Grandmaster said...

JA was right. There was a mistake in the PGN which I've since corrected.


Anonymous said...

The young filipino Gomez shone in the recent Malaysian Open in KL. It was the first time I have seen him play and he should make IM no problem. He has the potential to be future GM.

Anonymous said...

Oppps what i saw and commented was the corrected one.

Anonymous said...

John Paul Gomez plays like a 2600 GM! Really impressive game!!

Thanks TCG -- your Chess Patzer program is awesome. You are way ahead of Susan Polgar's blog!

You and Bobby Ang need to join up and spearhead the Philippine Chess webpage.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

The game viewer isn't mine. It was originally created by another Pinoy here in Sydney.