Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rogers Drops Second Game

GM Ian Rogers dropped his second game in a row after last night going down to third seed Evgeny Postny. The Australian possibly misjudged the consequences after his 21. Qxd8+, forsaking the Queen for two of Black's pieces. Postny's Queen-side pawns were also just a tad too fast in their forward advance and Rogers simply lacked the resources to stop them.

IM David Smerdon was victorious over Dutch FM Menno Okkes and Moulthun Ly drew with the untitled 2378-rated Robin Swinkels. Manuel Weeks lost to Jan Van Der Veen.

Australian Scores after 8 rounds

Rogers - 5
Smerdon - 4.5
Ly - 4
Weeks - 2.5

The Doggers Schaak blog's coverage of this event has been very impressive. Peter Doggers, the blogger, happens to be also participating and presently has 3.5 points after 8 rounds. I love the YouTube videos, the first I've seen this used for a chess event - definitely somemething for a future Australian tournament.

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