Thursday, October 05, 2006

Danailov Digs Deeper

The other day, listening to a Sydney radio station, I heard Silvio Danailov being referred to as the Don King of chess. If that meant making outrageous public statements then the comparison was probably apt.

After several days of controversy fueled by his ridiculous allegations against the Kramnik camp, then later being struck by criticisms from some of the world's top grandmasters, you'd think that Danailov might have actually learned something. But with this latest stunt this guy, it seems, still hasn't found his lowest limit.

There are a couple of blog posts from Mig about this here and here.

While on the site, GM Peter Svidler came out with this interesting revelation:

I believe that the actions of Silvio Danailov could - and still can, as is evident from his latest outpouring on the subject of percentages - do untold harm to the chess world. What's more, I suspect that Veselin Topalov is slowly coming round to that point of view - I was present at the press-conference after Game 6, and it seemed from his demeanor and his answers (he looked extremely embarrassed, and said he was 'not too proud' of what has been done in his name) that he is aware just how damaged his reputation could be by his manager's actions.

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Anonymous said...

I think the programmers of Fritz should be congratulated for producing a product that can play like a top GM!. However, the percentages produced by Topolov's manager do show that the programmers have a little way to go yet....