Saturday, October 14, 2006

Congratulations Vladimir Kramnik

What an exciting 4-game playoff tonight. It took until the very last rapid game to decide the eventual Champion, but at least the correct winner was decided - none other than Vladimir Kramnik. For those of you who have been so angered by the Bulgarian camp's antics, savour this final position. Even the patzers saw it coming. At the moment of its execution, the move 45. Rb7+ ignited jubilation across the world amongst chess fans on the ICC and Playchess. It is clear that Veselin Topalov is now beaten, not only over the board, but amongst chess fans as well. Congratulations to Vladimir Kramnik!

Black: Veselin Topalov
White: Vladimir Kramnik

1 comment:

Milan Lee said...

Hey, same happened on WCN as well ;) Although we got a bunch of guest members from Bulgaria after the official site crushed.

Congrats Vlad, well deserved!