Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Arianne Breaks Record

Last Friday, yours truly had a front seat preview for tonight's salsa performance by Arianne Caoili and her partner Carmelo Pizzino in DWTS. A quick text to my cell said go to Hippo's (a salsa joint) - so I did. I'm not really the dancing type myself so I spent the whole time doing just about the only "Latin" thing I could do: downing my Coronas!

I must admit, I wasn't impressed with what I saw that night. Arianne seemed stiff. I'm thinking, Jesus woman, don't think - just move. Well, it looks like Carmelo must have been pulling some miracles over the weekend because tonight the two of them blew the competition away.

Thirty-seven points! That's right, 37 points - the highest scored by anyone in this current series and which also includes a perfect 10 from judge Mark Wilson. Sexy, sultry, oohlala!

Arianne is safe for another week. So we'll see her again next Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

That Home and Away is still surviving...his fans phone bills must be huge! lol

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gaze should have gone last night.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gaze Rules! Hope he wins

Anonymous said...

get rid of Chris, then we will beleive channel 7 doesn't fix the whole show for its celebrities. Maybe then the last four can fight it out fair and square, the public might actually vote for their favourite.???

Anonymous said...

Gaze is hopeless, needs to go, otherwise channel 7 will lose its viewers + ratings will drop, no more hope for the show if they do a series 6. Viewers are not that stupid, enough is enough!

Its dancing remember!!!! or is the show a comedy now?

Anonymous said...

Todd seems to think Gaze is "entertaining" and that Arianne lacks charisma. What a moron! lol

The question I have is,whats Arianne doing to get a bigger public profile?

She needs their votes!

The judges scores will only keep her in the comp for so long.

Anonymous said...

what would you know, who stays and goes??? what would you know is happening with the viewers votes, and who, or what is happening with her public profile-publicity.

Are you in the marketing of celebrities business, like manager..or just a chess player who doesn't know what he's talking about..obviously you are anti Arianne???