Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Day for Aussies

Round 6 at the World Juniors in Armenia was an excellent day out for the Aussies as they all managed to avoid a single loss. Tomek Rej downed the 2291-rated FM Vytautas Vaznonis of Lithuania. Here are the results:

Rej - Vaznonis, 1-0
Chernih - Ciganovic, draw
Teodorescu - Oliver, draw

Philippine rep John-Paul Gomez also won his game against Indian player Rahul Sangma. Gomez improves his score to 3.5 points and will now face IM Dmitry Andreikin of Russia in the next round.

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Anonymous said...

go john paul! i remember playing tennis with this dude when we were both 13. he kicked me to a 6-0. he also started beating me in chess at about 15. rooting for pinoys all the way! :)

The Closet Grandmaster said...

We make a special exemption.