Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Canberra Chess Chicks

Here's another interesting innovation from the ever creative minds of Canberra chess organisers, especially those in the ACTJCL - the Chess Chicks program.

Tell me more about it, you say. This from the 2005 tournament report (available in PDF):

The 2005 Canberra Chess Chicks program aimed to identify enthusiastic young female players and offer them the chance to make new friends, improve their standard of play and consider chess as a sport full of opportunities!


Specifically, the Chess Chicks program was structured around “team” participation, helping girls to build friendships with new players and encourage one another. It required the most experienced young members to take on leadership roles and take an interest in the progress and achievements of new players. There was a focus on quality, highly targeted coaching with a view to building skills and, alongside that, confidence as a player.

The program first ran last year and, as I understand it, the 2006 edition has just been completed. Organiser Libby Smith informs me that, "In events that followed the Chess Chicks, we had a marked increase in participation by girls who attend the same school as some of the 'Chess Chicks'. Parents have told me this is specifically because they want a place in the program 'next time'".

It's worth noting that the report was actually part of a grant application to the Women's Sports Grant program. The document includes a full financial costing as well as, very interestingly, a survey. For example, the survey reports that 82% of respondents said that they will play in more tournaments because they have improved and learned new things from the Chess Chicks program.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a bit out of the loop and only just caught this item. Libby and Jenni, I'm sure with a host of other accomplices, continue to do wonderful and create things in Canberra.