Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ozbase Revival

In case you haven't noticed, the official ACF website is currently in some sort of a coma (OK..OK...not the ACF's fault). We can't access ratings information, latest events, the hall of fame and that all important resource - Ozbase.

Ozbase is basically a collection of Australian chess games going back to the 1920's, I think. I've used it and I'm sure other players have.

Thanks to ACF archivist Paul Dunn, there is now an easier way to access Ozbase. Just go and visit and save it in your bookmarks.

Hat tip to Shaun Press for his post on Australian Chess Club Forum.


Anonymous said...

Australian Chess Club Forum seems to be getting all the quality stuff being posted there. Everyone knew that this would start happening. That is why Chess Chat has banned all links to ACCF.

Anonymous said...

I think you will find it was because of Matt that there are no links to ACCF from chesschat.

Dont get me wrong,I like Matt's site. But its reputation on chesschat which has insured there is no link.