Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rowson on Chess PR

Love him or hate him for his writings (I still haven't finished reading his book "Seven Deadly Chess Sins" mainly for its near sociological impenetrability), one thing you can definitely say about Scottish grandmaster Jonathan Rowson is that he is an original. And in case you didn't know it, Rowson has just won the British Championships for a third time in a row - the first such feat since 1969.

Speaking to the UK's The Herald, Rowson makes some observations about the world of chess. Like this one:

But what's upset me is that chess itself has such little coverage, and this is symptomatic of that. It's not that people aren't interested, it's just that there's something going wrong with the mechanism between tournament players, tournament results and the media. Somehow, those aren't gelling the way they should.

From The Herald.

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DeNovoMeme said...

I read "7 Deadly Chess Sins" some years ago. Great book! Just remembering it I feel like I should re-read it. The "sins" as he has named them are:


Anyone of these will lead you to make less than optimal moves. However, while avoiding these emotional death traps is important for all players, most club players will die of blunders far more often than from "sinning." On the other hand, the positions that make blunders more likely are often the fallout from sinning.

Sounds circular? Yes it is! Read 7DCS and reguardless you results, you will *enjoy* the game more.