Monday, October 02, 2006

Arise Veselin Wimpalov

As you no doubt would have heard by now, it's game on tonight in Elista. But for some pundits the situation is not quite right. Score count will resume at 3:2, in Kramnik's favour. One of those points to Topalov was the free point he received in game 5 when his opponent, Vladimir Kramnik, failed to front up.

Why does this Bulgarian insist on carrying with a World Championship with a free point? Both Mig and Susan Polgar have asked him to give it back. The problem here, I think, is that Topa is probably acting on the advise of his manager Danailov. Any backdown now will mean that both, but to a greater extent Danailov, will lose face.

Quoted by Bulgaria's Focus News Agency: "All the negotiations on my part are being led by my personal manager Silvio Danailov".

Well Topalov, we say, think for yourself mate! Be honourable and give back the point. Save chess. Be the hero! Or else, we'll have to start calling this Bulgarian, "Wimpalov" - a moniker that an ICCer used a couple of days ago.

Are you a wimp Veselin?

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Anonymous said...

He's not a wimp...he is a straightforward cheat.

What evidence did he provide to show that Kramnik was cheating ?

NONE! Just baseless allegations ,by someone who just happened to be struggling in the match. If he was cheating why did he allow a draw in a potentially winning position?