Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kirsan: There are no compromises

Journo Ed Vulliamy has a very long article on Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for The Guardian's Oberver Sport Monthly. It's an interesting piece that recounts Kirsan's political beginnings and his business ventures. On these three of his interests - chess, politics and business - the Kalmyk leader says:

As in chess, I have to think, in politics and in business, not only about the next move, but to be 10 moves ahead. A ruler and a businessman must be 10 moves ahead of his people or competitors. And as in chess, there are no compromises.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks you TCG for linking this excellent article on Kirsan for us.

We can love Kirsan as chessplayers, for his dedication, rather, obsession in upholding the game.

In terms of morality and ethics, now there is the delimma.

Do we tolerate and accept him, and lose our righteous credibility? Or condemn him for his repression, notwithstanding of all the things he has done for the game we all love?

What the hell, let us play on!

But, let us pray and hope too that Kirsan will see the light to amend and do the righteous things for all his people.