Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Instant Book on Elista

Any bets on who will write the first book on Elista? My money's on Raymond Keene (who has apparently written some 120 books on chess).

Blogger James O'Fee, who was instrumental - by the way - in the whole Gormallygate affair, informs us that Raymond Keene will soon author an "instant book" to be published by Hardinge Simpole. The book should come out very soon.

Meanwhile, Keene has written his initial thoughts on Elista in his blog. Says he:

What is Kramnik's position amongst the pantheon of champions after this success? He has survived three title matches and en route defeated the highest-ranked player in the history of the game. He will be champion for at least 8 years.

In my opinion he is now in the same league as Botvinnik, Petrosian, Capablanca and Karpov, having already surpassed the achievements as champion of Euwe, Smyslov , Tal , Fischer and Spassky. If he fulfills his potential he may even go on to rival Alekhine, Steinitz , Lasker and Kasparov himself, the most outstandingly successful of the great champions.

From Justice Triumphs.

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