Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Near Win for Dimakiling

Pinoy fans, observing on chessgames.com, were getting a little bit excited over the round 3 clash between Oliver Dimakiling and GM Hichem Hamdouchi in the 3rd Calvia Festival. In a completely winning position, the game suddenly ended a draw!

Here is the game.

Instead of 35. Ne5, 35. Rh8+ would have given the Pinoy a 3/3 start.

Pinoy scores after round 3 are:

Gomez, Dimakiling - 2.5
So, Laylo - 2
Gonzales - 1.5


Anonymous said...

From now on he will be called Hichem "Houdini" Hamdouchi, great scape by the grandmaster! Triple H of the World Chess.

Anonymous said...

John Paul Gomez has beaten his second consecutive GM in round 4,
10th rank Bartlomiej while Wesley So was upset by 70th rank Fokin playing black.

Anonymous said...

Wesley So wsa beaten by a mere Sergey Fokin, so i wonder who is this guy, i few click from my mouse reveals a veteran chess master, a russian! tsk tsk tsk next time dont be swindled by their rating, for a given day a player such as Fokin can make moves like GM, actually Fokin might be of IM strenght.Is he a relative of I. Fokin who have a game against janowski in my database? But i have one thing for sure, its either Fokin ang ama nyan o Fokin ang ina nya!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to ask this... How do you post these wonderful diagrams?
What is the procedure or where I can read on how do it in your own blog.
Thank you for the great blog!

The Closet Grandmaster said...

The application itself was first created by a Pinoy who lives here in Sydney, Robert Ambalong. This was not meant to be used in the manner I am doing (i.e. for the blog). But Andrew Ooi, in Malaysia, made some modifications so that we can make use of Robert's ingenuity for a blog posting.

Andrew's version is avaliable here.

The steps:-
1. Copy the PGN (1 game only) into the text box.
2. Click "Generate:
3. Copy and Paste the resulting code into your blog post.