Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pro League in RP?

I received an email the other day, from Pinoy journo Marlon Bernardino, to inform me of plans to create a pro chess league in the Philippines modelled on the teams competitions in Europe. The league will also look after the interests of chess players as well as promote the game throughout the archipelago.

Each team will field 6 players: first board will be manned by either a GM or IM; FM or NM on board 2, while the lower boards will be allocated to untitled players, non masters and juniors.

There's not a lot of information coming out of RP about this yet. There are no mentions even in the mainstream media. Let's wait and see.


Milan Lee said...

That would be awesome! European countries with strong team events, like Germany, France, Spain, are increasing their chess base very fast

Anonymous said...

about time somewhere other than europe takes team chess seriously! mabuhay and go philippine chess! cmon u bastardos!

Anonymous said...

Now that the crooked Campomanes and Toti Abundo and his cohorts are gone, corporate sponsors and other rich Filipinos will start supporting these team events.

Glorious days for Philippine chess will come abound. It is about time.

Anonymous said...

Tippi,I have news for you ...India has been taking team chess seriously for ages. lol

As for the Phillipines...I hope it gets off the ground...maybe we will eventually have an asian chess version of the champions league!