Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Arianne in Wardrobe Malfunction

Talk about instant book, well this is instant blogging. Just a few moments ago, Arianne Caoili had a near disaster in her dance routine. Dancing the foxtrot, Arianne and partner Carmelo Pizzino pulled off an almost perfect performance. Until, that is, the last few moments.

With her leg slightly raised, and in a tender moment of embrace with Carmelo, it seems that she caught the heel of her shoes with the inside of her dress. Arianne had to hop a little to try and free herself. Thankfully, she did! Almost a catastrophe.

So what did the judges think? They loved it! All four judges gave her 8 points each, handing Arianne Caoili the lead with 32 points for the night. But once again, Arianne's main rival is athletics star Tamsyn Lewis who, tonight, scored 31 points.

UPDATE (21:36) - Arianne survives this week's vote-off so we will see her next week.


Anonymous said...

Hey... CGM , I missed that portion- I have an appointment...Gee... How did you do this instant blog... As of this writing I've seen Arianne is through to the next dancing...

Anonymous said...

well i would of danced on anyway gavin! couldnt we be a little more positive on this blog? i say, thank god it happened at the end of the routine and not at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Tamsyn had the malfunction, not arianne!

The Closet Grandmaster said...

You're clearly not a chess player because you're not paying attention.

Read the post's date.