Friday, October 27, 2006

Open Thread

We havent' had one of these for a while. But just to get things moving a little, take a look what Matthew Sweeney, Australia's loudest critic of the country's official chess bodies, is saying on his bulletin board: "Several agents from several states are now actively planning to usurp the ACF".

Does he know something?


Anonymous said...

let me guess, those agents would include Phil from Tassie, Toolsie from QLD, Fg7 from Vic and Sweeney from NSW… lol. sadly the agents for change are even more laughable than the ACF. I say sadly... because the ACF could do with a real shake up so it's not so state controlled, a true national body.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr Anonymous. A vibrant ACF could do so much for chess in Australia. It could be setting new goals, coming up with ideas, passing on creative ideas and things that are working in one state to another. Setting standards and guidelines so quality is maintained in national tournaments.

Instead a few lone people seem to do all the work and it takes sooo long for any little thing to happen.

Maybe if the new reformist movemwn works then things will improve in Australia. However most of them seem long on rhetoric and short on achievements.

Maybe Brian's modus operandi is correct - find your own little niche and achieve good things in it and stuff everyone else.


Anonymous said...

there's a revolution in the air,
they're dancing in their underwear,
and we don't carE!