Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Arianne Caoili: I won't strip

Appearing once again in this week's issue of New Idea, Arianne Caoili tells the magazine, "I wouldn't strip. Beauty can be seen in different ways and I don't see it that way. Personally, that's not how I would showcase beauty."

The Aussie women's number one was referring to Muscovite Maria Manakova's appearance in Speed.

The New Idea article also features Sydney schoolboy Oscar Wang. Some of our readers may recall seeing him in Dancing with the Stars as part of a 'backstage' video sequence with Arianne. New Idea is apparently sponsoring Oscar and his mum, their "Dreams Come True" campaign, to travel to the World Youth Chess Championships (yuck, that is one ugly website) to be held in Batumi, Georgia later this month. Good luck Oscar!

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