Monday, October 30, 2006

Pinoy Final Results in Calvia

The tournament actually ended a couple of days ago so this is late. Here are the final results for the five Filipino players.

Jayson Gonzales - 6 points
Gomez, Dimakiling, Laylo, So - 5.5 points

In the 9th and final round, John-Paul Gomez and Oliver Dimakiling lost to Francisco Vallejo Pons and Michele Godena respectively. 13-year old IM Wesley So drew his game against Holden Hernandez, but Jayson Gonzalez secured a good a finish by beating IM Thomas Rendle. Jayson Gonzales also ended his Spanish outing well with a win over Ali Ehsan for his last encounter.

Round nine games are not yet available on the official site. Instead, we bring you Wesley So's game against Swedish legend Pia Cramling. A draw.

The five Pinoys now haul themselves to Germany where they once again cross swords with some top talents - exactly what these guys need to achieve those highly sought after GM norms. We'll be keeping an eye on the boys in the Bad Wiessee event.

We thank Pinoy journo Marlon Bernardino and the Pinoy fans over at for the various bits of information contained in this post.

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Anonymous said...

Only Jayson Gonzales finished on the money list on the just concluded Calvia Open, earning 100 euros.(1 EUR = 63.149 PHP), While Wesley So was able to get 180euros on the rapid section (8th stage) While Dimakiling earns 120euros for his 7th (6th stage) and 3rd (1st stage) finish. Gomez also earn 125 euros on the same event by placing 2nd on its 3rd staging.